Visual Design, MAP DESIGN, BrandING, UI/UX


The Eviction Lab website, featured by New York Times, Mapbox, and multiple news outlets has created the first national public database of eviction records, accessible on a web map. Since launch in April 2018, the site has inspired a number of new stories about American housing, demographics and geography, and is serving as a valuable tool for journalists, citizens and policy makers. Initiated by Matthew Desmond, Princeton sociologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, The Eviction Lab is formed of Princeton researchers and web experts with a shared interest in the social good.

As The Eviction Lab's design lead, I was tasked with responsive visual design that encompassed UI and map design, with an emphasis on balancing contemporary aesthetics and typography with accessibility. As a team, we opted for visual and textual concision informed by UX best practices, and color distinguishable by a broad range of vision-impaired users. The web map UI is reduced to an open, airy style that invites a user to experiment with the map and the layered datasets it depicts; as of June 2018 the average time a user spends engaged with the map is 7 minutes 43 seconds.

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