ZiniO Time capsule

Visual Design, Brand, CONCEPT, HTML, CSS


Despite studying design in college, it was Zinio, an e-commerce site for digital magazines based in San Francisco, that gave me my real design education. I came on board as a mid-level marketing designer and quickly learned that this role offered a ton in the way of autonomy, creativity and concept building (thank you, Matthew Davis!). I designed and coded landing pages, banners, emails, printed promos, environmental graphics and eventually redesigned the user-facing and b2b sites. 

Though this work ranges from 2012-2014, it was a formative part of my professional design upbringing and one of my favorite jobs.



Against the dated backdrop of a website pending redesign, marketing assets needed to be designed big and bold. Flat neon gradient backgrounds weren't on trend like they are now, so it was important to find alternative ways to draw attention with color


Because the Zinio brand was fairly experimental, so was the design. Creativity was encouraged over strict brand adherence.



Any existing art direction skewed toward a rough-hewn look paired with clean but imaginative typography.





I created this tradeshow concept for a publishing conference. At the time I was really into Trade Gothic and any extended allcaps fonts, especially because there were so many amazing variants within its font family.






I pitched a creative direction called the MODERN DAY EXPLORERS which would easily adapt to Zinio's existing brand direction and the marketing concept of "personas." This campaign ran on the Zinio website to encourage customers to opt-in to curated groupings of magazines.


Inspiration for vintage feel and photographic references, with designed campaign mark