Photo by David L Armstrong, Lairds Landing, CA

Writing and design are both acts of clarifying a thought or an intention, and in this work are inseparable from one another.

Photography is a means of peering into the spaces where constructed language fails: it elucidates and illuminates, it’s emotional, it convinces.

I’m passionate about working with words and images as the essential building blocks to tell stories and shift perspectives.

Over the past decade I’ve worked as an art director, designer, photographer, and curator, occasionally stopping to write about music or uproot to a new city. I believe we’re the result of our environment, so I’ve opted for worlds with rich, diverse ideas on art and work: San Francisco, London, Berlin. There is so much still to know.

Outside of work, I dabble in olfactory art, play the piano, and write about place and memory.

I'm always looking for opportunities to work with good people, wherever they are. Feel free to say hello.